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Burmese Students Get Justice.

41961 WO1 (Bob) R.C. Thompson (ret)

Late 1956 I was posted to attend a course at RAEME Training Centre (RTC) and housed in the old tin huts. Down one end of the hut were six Burmese Students, their leader seemed to be Win Tin who we all called Tin Win.

In those days we were building the RTC and ground improvement day for us in the Engineering wing was Wednesday. Where we worked one day, the Burmese students were doing much more than us. They, through their leader Tin Win complained bitterly and eventually got to the CO LT Col W.E. (Bill) Bauert, evidently there plea fell on deaf ears as their time on ground improvements did not get any better.

One day Tin Win disappeared, this left the CO in very bad situation that could, if it got to the press make the Army, us at RTC look stupid. The end result! The Army did nothing.

About four days went by and I and the Engineering wing were working on ground improvements not far from where the ORís mess now stands. Looking down towards the main gate, on a bright and sunny day, coming through the gate we could see a big black limousine flying a Burmese Flag on its bonnet. There in all his glory sitting next to the Burmese Ambassador was Tin Win with a big smile and looking pleased with himself. The car drove up to the HQ and they all stepped out.

After about an hour the car left and Tin Win went and joined his fellow students. We later found out that LT COL Bill Bauert wasnít very pleased with the train of events but from then on the Burmese students had their hours on ground improvements reduced to the same as us.

Tin Win later told us he hitch hiked from RTC to Canberra where he went straight to see his Ambassador. The rest you now know.