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The Origin of the RAEME Callsign


Elmer (Fudd) Varga
Bob Thompson
Elmer (Fudd) Varga


Extract of email from Elmer (Fudd) Varga, to WO1 Bob Thompson (Rtd), of November 2018:

OK, so here it is attached.

You'll recall that we went to a lot of effort to find out "WHY BLUEBELL" I was going to make a sort of a 'book' out of it, but you'll see that it's a chronological collection of email correspondence, with some limited commentary from me. IF there is any corresp. that you might have that is not included, I'd like to have it and put it into the flow of things ... !

It all goes back a while, but I had not forgotten - so have a good read.

Elmer 'Fudd' Varga

A PDF file of the chain of emails on this vital subject of interest to all "Bluebells" can be downloaded from HERE>